How to Keep Your Addicted Child Away From Video Games With Other Forms of Entertainment

If you’re like most parents, you probably feel as though your child spends a little too much time playing video games. The trouble is, once your child is hooked, it is a difficult task to create alternative options to gaming that wont result in your child revolting over the limiting of their game time. This form of entertainment and relaxation is quite important to most children and it is important not to overlook this fact when deciding how to handle the situation. Having said that, some new rules or alternative options need to be put in place to reduce the time your child spends in front of a television or computer screen. You don’t have to be so severe as to ban video games all together but you do need to regulate the amount of time they can play in a given day or week. In order to try and change your child’s habits, you’ll need to come up with other forms of entertainment and activities for your child to participate in. Here are our top five entertainment alternatives to help you accomplish this goal.

1 – Have Them Participate in Extra-Curricular Events

It is well documented that activities such as music, sports, scouts, and girl-guides have a definite positive สล็อต impact on children. The lessons and skills learnt in extra-curricular group activities such as these are a great way for your child to experience different elements of life while keeping them away from constant video game use. Have them select an activity they’re interested in and sign them up for it.

2 – Plan Family Outings

By getting the whole family involved in some specific planned activity, you get to determine where your child is, or more specifically, where your child isn’t. If your child is very reluctant to part ways with their video games, this may be a good option. When trying to entertain your child with something other than their gaming obsession, it may require you to ‘force’ them into planned family events. Things such as a day at the park with sports and games, a movie night, a trip to the local museum, or any other similar activity are all good ways to get the family up and about.

3 – Schedule a Designated Reading Time

It seems as though many children these days aren’t reading as much as previous generations. With new technologies such as computers, video game systems, and pocket size entertainment units, reading seams to be suffering. The value of literature should not be understated and it is important to maintain reading skills in your children. Books are a fabulous way to let your children expand their imagination while learning at the same time. If you’re looking for a positive way to wean your child off of video games, this is a great alternative that you can feel good about enforcing. Even though your child may be hesitant at first, you’ll likely see them come around to the joys of reading, especially if you can latch them on to the latest book craze like the Harry Potter series invoked.


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