Best Memorial Day Getaways for Couples

An extended weekend is all you need to get ready for the summers which comes in form of Memorial Day. Plan a getaway this Memorial Day and get soaked into a spell full of fun, excitement and adventure. Visit the magnificent museums in the New York, theme parks in Orlando, Casinos in the Las Vegas, beaches of Chicago or heritage sites of Philadelphia and experience the fascinating variety US possesses.

In our busy daily routine,Guest Posting finding some personal time has become a difficult job for most of us and whenever we get some, it is always less to make something productive out of it. Thanks to all the federal holidays that extend the weekends and give us the much-needed break to spend some quality time with our near and dear ones or to have some time for relaxing our mind and body. Since Memorial Day is not so far away from now, most of the couples might be wondering of doing something special out of it and plan a getaway to some place nice for a romantic weekend. So, without further ado, we are giving you some of the best Memorial Day getaways for couples:


There is hardly any place better that can beat the charm and exquisite beauty of the Miami in the East Coast region. The stunning beach getaway destination that is widely popular among youth for its happening lifestyle, exquisite culture, fantastic nightlife and thriving natural bliss, Miami has been a show-stealer for the state of Florida for so many years. Since the occasion of Memorial Day steer away the exposure to the metropolitan cities like Washington, NYC and more, it is highly unlikely that you will find massive occupancy of the hotels or huge crowd flocking the beaches and prominent attractions of the city. So, if you are looking for some peace time with great surroundings weekeend getways in the East Coast, Miami can be a great couple getaway.

Los Angeles

West Coast is known to be a paramount getaway region for long weekends and if you have been thinking to make the Memorial Day as your romantic getaway, there is nothing better than planning the same in the Los Angeles. The stunning city of the California that is known to be the home of the American stardom, Los Angeles is filled with plenty of attractive places you will love the most to visit as a couple. With its fantastic marketplaces, astonishing alleys and bewitching attractions in the neighboring areas like Anaheim and Long Beach, you can have a thriving getaway experience. Though the prices of your stay may come expensive at first place, but if you time it right and book your stays as well as flights in time, you can easily save a good fortune.

Las Vegas

The Sin City is never bad to visit especially when you are going here as a couple. During the season like Memorial Day, the city becomes even more spectacular and zealous as the local communities bring forth the most outstanding experiences to cater its guests. The massive collection of attractions is already sufficient to make your romantic getaway a successful one, but if you need something extra, then you will surely love the wide variety of concerts and other events organized across the city. Needless to say, the captivating array of restaurants featured with world-class chefs will give you a magnificent delight as a couple with lip-smacking food and fantastic décor.

Salt Lake City

The charming and enthralling city of Salt Lake City is among the most stunning and captivating getaway destinations in the state of Utah and widely visited by the adventure lovers. However, in recent years, couples are enjoying visiting here more often to enjoy the tempting hospitality and luxurious experiences the city has to offer. Due to being the shoulder season around the Memorial Day, the city becomes more available and easy to access for couples and you can easily stroll around the captivating attractions without any stress. Additionally, the enchanting landscapes and heritage sites here become more soothing and enjoyable for couples to have some sunny hours in the pristine city of Salt Lake City.


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